This is my photography page where I’m going to put up pictures I’ve taken or played around with that I like – just for fun.

An old rusty sword


The Yard


Starry Night

Turbulent Sea

It’s a Big-ass sky…

Hubble on Steroids…

Fiery sunset (actually, this is the real thing!)

A Ground Hog for Ground Hog’s Day!

From a couple years ago during snowmageddon here on the east coast. Went out driving!

Same storm. Don’t let this happen at your house! Learned about the destructive nature of ice dams!

Mom and Dad in ’67. We were either camping or house hunting. Mom died in ’82 and Dad died in ’96. Love the cute hats.

Peanut Butter. This is his favorite sunning/napping spot.

Bullet kitty. Named for speed and attitude.

Mojo – the squirly cat. She will spaz on you for the littlest reason.

Not a pet – and photographed with a long zoom lens.

2 responses to “Photography

  1. I love your photography, you are very talented both as a writer and a photographer! You have a right to be proud of your accomplishments!

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