About The Broken Seal

Beyond the barrier lies the heart of deception.

Worlds are trapped in a repeating cycle of devastation, rebirth, and destruction.

For countless cycles, knowledge is destroyed, the words of truth lost to future generations, until one young man, the First King of Cobalt, sacrifices his eternal soul to remain.

He brings lost knowledge forward in time to his ancestors, Dynan and Dain, who are telepathic twin brothers. But they are young and know nothing of who or what they truly are.

Time isn’t given to them to learn.

The Gods are weakened and the demon prevails.

Unless it is defeated once and for all, evil will remain to rule in domination and terror.

The Broken Seal is an 8-book fantasy saga that tells the story of Dynan and Dain Telaerin and their ancestor’s long struggle to rid the world of evil. The books are: Chosen, Myth, Telepath, Legend, Union, Seer, Adept, and King.


34 responses to “About The Broken Seal

  1. Su Maneck

    I just wanted to thank you for taking all those years to write Guardians. It has been a very long time since I got so wrapped up in a series. I could not put the stories down, and ended up taking them with on vacation and reading every available minute. The complexity of your stories made for such a rich read! And I thank you again for the epilogue. Really needed that. Anyway, I’ll keep watching for more of your books.

    • Thank you so much! It really is the highest compliment. As for the epilogue, originally, I wasn’t going to do it. But then it occurred to me that since I had a prologue I realized I had to do an epilogue, and I wanted to show a little peak into the future. It was, appropriately enough, the very last thing I wrote on this series. Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

  2. Brandi

    I have read many fantasy series and I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, so much better than Game of Thrones! I am naming my son Dain after this character. I simply love him! Thank you so much for the GREAT books. πŸ˜€

    • Hey Brandi – What an awesome compliment! Thank you. That really made my day! I love Dain too, so I get it completely. He was a lot of fun to write. Thank you so much for reading! My best to you and yours. πŸ™‚

  3. Rain

    As someone that just recently started reading epic fantasy genre books, I must your series was definitely the one to read. I am about to start book 5 and I am completely entranced! This storyline has me sitting on the edge of my seat all the time. I can’t wait to find out exactly how the story ends but the journey to get there is fantastic! I am certainly a fan of your writing now and I look forward to what happens next!

  4. Bekki

    Hi Jolea. I am reading your books at the moment. Life is different now. Mainly because I get the tube in London to and from work and am always annoyed when my journey ends and I have to stop reading. I want my commute to be longer to have more time to read your books! πŸ™‚
    The other thing is that I am preparing/putting off writing a series. I have written scenes and know vaguely that certain stuff will and has to happen. I just thought, seeing as you are soooo good at keeping the momentum going and all your characters loveable throughout (Dain is my favourite).. have you any tips? How did you organise your thoughts to put these books together?! How did you know what to put where to make this series one of the best I’ve read yet? x

    • Hello from across the Pond! Thank you so much for the wonderful comments about my books. It’s really lovely to hear and I LOVE IT when I hear from folks from so far away.

      Writing is a passion for me and that’s where you have to start. It’s hard and difficult and that doesn’t matter. Sounds to me like you might have a bit of writers ennui, aka the doldrums. I’ve gone through many periods where I just didn’t feel like writing anything when I got stuck with a scene. This happened twice that I recall being the worst, once with Legend and once with King. With Legend, which was the first book I started working on, I got stuck toward the end. I didn’t know how I was going to get the story from point A to point B and I was just beating my head against the wall to get it moving, so I did what became my coping strategy, which was to skip it. I summarized what was left to go, and moved on to the next book, wrote it, wrote the next one and the one after that and started on the last one and got stuck at the end again. I went back to the very first one and edited it, changed it, added to it and then published it. I didn’t finish Legend until about a month before I published it last year and I didn’t finish King the same way – right before publication. So the pressure of having to publish them actually helped get them written. I’m not sure I recommend that as a good strategy but that’s the way it happened.

      As for keeping track of what went where and when, I didn’t have a system. I’ve known this story for a very long time so it was all in my head, but that isn’t working too well for the next book I’m writing right now. I’m actually outlining (gasp) to make sure I have the proper elements. So basically, I’m doing what I need to in the moment to keep myself organized. What’s your beginning, your middle and your end? I had those from the very start with the Guardians series but all manner of crazy things happened in between that I never planned on. I absolutely didn’t know it would turn out to be 8 books when I only started out with one. The story grew and multiplied quite on its own. Sure, that sometimes meant I had to go back and rewrite something I’d already written to fit with a new element, but it did make the journey exciting and lots of fun. While I’m doing a loose outline of my next book right now, almost finished with that part, I’m not setting everything down as if it were in stone, so I would say be flexible at the same time as you have set pieces you have to put in. It’s those unexpected twists that make writing so much fun.

      Dain is the favorite of quite a few people, but what makes him that way? I think his sense of loyalty is one of those qualities that makes him so endearing. He does things that are unexpected. He attracts others to him like a moth to flame. He’s high energy, but at the same time there’s a sense of vulnerability and a need to be wanted that makes him attractive and really the kind of friend everyone wants. He’s a bit full of himself at times, but he’d do anything for you if he considered you his friend. Did I miss anything? What about Dain do you most like? At the other end of that stick, what don’t you like? There has to be both to some degree, just like a real person.

      πŸ™‚ Thank you very much for stopping in to say hello. I hope I answered your question! Enjoy your commute!

  5. Sharon Woodward

    Do you have a release date yet for King. I’ve read all the books back to back, as fast as I finished one, I had to download the next one to my Kindle. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for asking! I don’t have a specific release date yet, but I’m shooting for the month of March, 2013. Right now I’m doing rewrites and then I’ll get into serious editing in February. If you are on Facebook I post regular updates there (here too) and I have a mailing list I just started that I will send out advance notice on the release date. You can sign up for the mailing list right here. It’s a tab at the top right and come join me on Facebook if you’d like.http://www.facebook.com/JoleaMHarrison

    • hi jolea do u have the release date for king yet

      • Hello April, Thanks! That’s great to hear you have enjoyed the story so far. King is scheduled to be released in mid-March. Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get the release date and the details on special deals when I’m closer to setting a firm date! My newsletter subscription tab is just below the about me tab! Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Dax

    Love the series! What is the release date for Adept?

    • Hi Dax,

      Thanks for stopping by. Glad to hear you are enjoying the story! I’m in the process of editing Adept and I don’t have an official release date yet, but this is the place to hear about it when I’m a bit closer. I wil say that it ought to be a Happy Holiday. πŸ™‚

  7. Mindy

    This is the first series in such a long time that I have absolutely devoured from page 1 of Chosen, I have been spellbound. I started reading on 9/9 and finished Union today. Anxiously awaiting!

  8. Cynthia Hall

    I’ve finished all the way to Union. I am anxiously waiting for Adept to be released!!! I started reading the series on September 1st and have not been able to put them down…..Love the series!!!

  9. Richard Gillespie

    Done with legend.fabulous series. When will UNION be on the shelf?

    • Thanks so much! I’m working on Union right now, editing and creating the cover. I’m still on track to have the next book out at the end of August, but if I manage to make it happen earlier, I’ll post it here to be sure! Thanks again for stopping by. I really appreciate it!

  10. Donna

    Eagerly awaiting Union and the rest of the series.

  11. Darren

    After finishing Chosen, I immediately bought the next 2 books. Gripping stuff, probably one of the best series I have read for a long while. Really looking forward to the next books in the series.

    • Hi Darren, and thanks for commenting and the wonderful compliments! I really appreciate it. You’ll be happy to hear that I just finished the main editing of LEGEND and I’ll be starting the format process very soon. Still hoping for the end of May, but might have to push a bit into June. Just a few weeks now!

  12. I think the series is interesting and well written. One point which makes no sense to me and perhaps I missed the explanation. How or why in a world where they have the technology for interpanetary travel and laser rifles is the majority of the fighting done on horseback with swords, chainmail, etc. It is romantic stuff but hardly logical.

  13. Nick

    I love this book series! i just finished Telepath last night and I can not wait for Legend. I thought it was to be released in April and was planning to buy a copy for my birthday but I just waited to read Telepath instead. I love Dynnan! He reminds me a lot of myself,personality wise. His lack of confidence only brings you closer to him…..Keep up the great work! Do you know when Legend will be released? maybe I’ll get a late birthday present for myself hehe πŸ™‚

    (…Comments edited for slight spoiler! – JMH)

    • Hi Nick – Thanks so much for stopping by and I’m thrilled you are enjoying the series. I’m working hard on the editing of LEGEND and hope to have it out before the end of May. Soon! (I’m sorry I had to edit your comment, but I’m trying to keep spoilers to a minimum. Hope you understand!). And Happy Belated Birthday! πŸ™‚

  14. Josie

    I am so excited for Legend to come out too!!!!

  15. Pam O.

    I am totally hooked an eagerly awaiting Legend!!

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