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What does your favorite twin smell like?

“Smells are triggers. They help you remember specific times, events, places.” Dynan Telaerin.

essential oils

This October, I’m going to be at Hallowread, in Ellicott City, MD – a book festival for fans of Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Steam Punk and Horror. (Can you guess where Chosen might fit in amongst those categories?) You can get information on the festival and all the activities here: HallowRead Book Festival


As part of the fun, many hotel guests and participants will receive specially made soaps for the event. The soaps will also have custom labels, including for the Guardians of the Word series for Dynan and Dain Telaerin. These soaps are being brewed up to each author’s specifications to match how these fragrances will best fit our characters. Here’s where I need your help.

My question to you, what fragrance makes you think of Dynan and Dain? Would sea salt air suit them, due to growing up on the cliffs by the Wythe Sea, or perhaps an earthier quality? Cool idea, right? I only have a couple days to decide what to tell the soap maker to make.

Here’s what I’ve narrowed down from the list of fragrances and oils she has provided. They are either essential oils or fragrance oils. So you tell me – which of these smells most represent Dynan and Dain Telaerin to you?

Post here! Let me know by Friday, June 21!


 1-Wild mint with Ocean and Myrrh

2-Tangerine with Sage and Fire

3-Labdanum with Thyme and White Amber


4-Cassia (a cross between cinnamon and nutmeg) with Ocean and White Chocolate

5- Almond with Ivy and Caramel

6- Blood orange with Cardamom and Clove.

I’d love to hear what you think. ONE LUCKY WINNER who comments will get a bar of these specially made delights in the scent of their favorite twin. You can comment here on this post or on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/JoleaMHarrison

Make sure you list the character name and the corresponding number (Dain #2, Dynan #5 – as an example), and be sure you pick a scent for BOTH! Comment by FRIDAY, JUNE 21 to enter. Please only one entry per person! Thanks for playing!

For more chances to have a bar of these soaps, well, you should come to HallowRead this fall, Oct. 25-27 in Ellicott City, Maryland. I’ll be there and I’d love to meet you!


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