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King, the Eighth Chronicle coming in March


Evil bides its time, ever waiting to breach the thin veil. Action and reaction join to swing the pendulum toward anarchy and destruction. Chaos reigns. The Demon lurks in the dark recesses.

The possibility exists that it can’t be destroyed. Evil will endure. It can’t be taken, cured, or overcome. Night will cover the world no matter what. Faith may not be enough. Love may not survive.

Amidst deception, temptation and fear, the last choice is made, the ultimate sacrifice taken. Father bequeaths unto son. Natural order must be restored. Those who are chosen to die may live, while those who are chosen to live may not make it through.

The fate of the universe, of a kingdom, of a family…of one man is decided. The final battle is at hand.

King is the Eighth and Final Chronicle of the Guardians of the Word series, an Epic Science Fiction Fantasy that is suitable for mature young adults. The Chronicles are Chosen, Myth, Telepath, Legend, Union, Seer, Adept, and King.


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No one is safe…Seer, The Sixth Chronicle

A hole in the fabric of time opens. All the long years of struggle are in peril. No one is safe.

It is the Seer’s vision and her visions are never wrong. Only Carryn Adaeryn can stop it from coming true. It is her brother, mocking her, telling her she will fail at every turn. And she is terrified Maralt is right. Every tenet she holds close will be tested. Every truth is bent. The souls of the lost and the living can survive only if she doesn’t fail.

It isn’t so easy to kill a telepath. Or contain him.

Seer is the Sixth Chronicle of the Guardians of the Word, an Epic Science Fiction Fantasy that is suitable for mature young adults. The Chronicles are Chosen, Myth, Telepath, Legend, Union, Seer, Adept, and King. The last two Chronicles will be released on an approximate 3-month interval.

Seer with be released any day now on Amazon.com and BN.com. Stay tuned!



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Seer – The Sixth Chronicle…coming soon

UPDATE: or why do I keep changing my covers?

Short answer – because I can! No, seriously, a friend of mine pointed out that the cover of SEER might look better closer in on the main character, so rather than have a head-to-toe shot, I ‘zoomed’ in and made everything larger. One reason to do this is evident if you go to Amazon or any ebook retailer and start searching through their Best Sellers lists. The book covers are tiny! Authors, graphic artists and anyone else who works on making book covers have to take that into consideration during the creative process. It has to look great large and it has to look great small. It’s a fine balance, and one that is somewhat difficult to manage.

These last minute changes also seems to be part of my usual process. I have to see the cover through the lens of the web. Often, that means it’s much darker than it shows up on my computer screen once it’s gone through that filter. But usually, I just always seem to find something I want to fix or make better, after I’ve let it sit for a few days.

So, with that in mind…

Here it is (again)! The new(er) cover for Seer, the Sixth Chronicle in the Guardians of the Word, epic science fiction fantasy series. Stay tuned for the release date. It’s the perfect time of year to curl up on a chilly day with a fast-paced, exciting book to read. Coming (really) soon….

No one is safe.


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