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Spaceships and ghosts

I’ve been going along here this summer, busy, busy, busy writing and editing. Yesterday, a story came along that I’m tentatively going to call A Demon for Time. Right now it’s probably going to end up novella length, 20 to 30k words or so. And to start I’m going to post, chapter by chapter, as it comes along.

**Standard disclaimer: this work is totally unedited, written 7-17/18-13, story may or may not change by the time it goes to ‘print’**

A Demon for Time

A Demon for Time

I was thirteen when my first, only and last séance made me a believer of ghosts. The possession that followed gave me intimate awareness of the demons that came with them. Demons that come through a person to get into the world turns that person into a toe dancer, board stiff, finger tendons strung tight. It lifts them up off the ground or floor in this case, into the air by the swiftness of its passage.

Ghosts and demons. One after, and sometimes with, the other. It all made me know that I wouldn’t ever pick up another Ouija board, ever in my life. It didn’t inform me that I would one day become a demon hunter.

I found out fast, at that young, tender age, before there were boys even, that the dead weren’t especially fond of the living. Most of them hated us with a passion. Hated us for breathing. Continue reading


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The Heroes Among Us

And the WINNER IS: Emily Mullaney!! She wins the special edition, box set of Guardians of the Word! Congrats Emily! I’ll be in touch today to find out what file you’d like (Nook or Kindle)


The headlines tell us every single day that the bad guys are winning. Innocent children are slaughtered. Bombs explode on a crowded street, turning a day of joy and happiness to one of fear and sorrow. We read, see and hear about terrible things happening, perpetrated by disturbed or just downright evil people.

courtesy of Salem-News.com

courtesy of Salem-News.com

Heroes are all around us. Finding them isn’t so difficult, since with every act of evil comes acts of incredible heroism. I believe that willingness to step up when the situation is dire is more part of human nature than the bad things that people do. A little Google research shows that we are wired to be compassionate beings. I see this on the news when I watch a firefighter charging into someone’s home to save a cat, or battling a 5 alarm blaze that has swallowed a house.

Or while a man stands beneath a window where a mentally challenged child has strayed out onto a third story ledge and then catches her when she jumps.



Or a man on his knees beside a wounded and bleeding stranger, saving her life by acting and not standing by. Continue reading


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Heroes and Villains blog hop!


This weekend, join me for the Heroes and Villains Blog Hop, featuring 21 science fiction and historical fiction authors – Friday, May 3 – Monday, May 6! There are prizes to be won! These are all excellent writers to check out and enjoy. Start clicking through the list and you’ll find something great to read, a fun contest to enter and who knows, maybe you’ll win!

The Blog Hop starts Friday! I’m giving away a special edition of the Guardians of the Word series – 8 book promo fl 72 Continue reading

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