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Douglas R. Brown likes Werewolves for pets!

Werewolves as pets? No, not really, but he’s written a book about that very thing. Douglas R. Brown is my book highlight this week.

Douglas is a fantasy writer living in Pataskala, Ohio. He began writing as a cathartic way of dealing with the day-to-day stresses of life as a firefighter/paramedic in Columbus, Ohio. Now he focuses his writing on fantasy, where he can draw from his lifelong love of the genre. He has been married for fifteen years and has a son and two dogs. The Light of Epertase: Legends Reborn was released by Rhemalda Publishing on August 1, 2011. Book Two is scheduled for August, 2012 and Book Three in August 2013.

His latest release is Tamed, with Rhemalda Publishing. Check it out!

Werewolves are real.

And they make excellent pets.

Owning one of the legendary creatures is the latest fad. The WereHouse insists werepets are loyal, docile, and 100% safe, but what happens when these gentle giants turn on their masters?

While on a routine EMS call, paramedic Christine Alt is attacked by a rogue werepet. She escapes with her life, but the encounter leaves her with more than just scars. As her body begins to change, she discovers the WereHouse is hiding a terrible secret, and they will stop at nothing to keep her from exposing them.

Sounds terrifying! Be sure to check out Tamed and these books released and forthcoming by Douglas R. Brown:

“The Light of Epertase; Legends Reborn” Aug. 1, 2011

“The Light of Epertase, Book Two; A Kingdom’s Fall” Aug. 2012

“The Light of Epertase, Book Three; The Rise of Cridon” Aug. 2013

“Tamed” January 25, 2012

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