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Out of this world photography…

And I thought I had a tough time getting it right. Check out how to take a picture traveling 288 miles per minute.

Space photography

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Photography and playing with Gimp

I downloaded the free version of Photoshop last summer and have been learning (at a sloooow rate of speed) how to use it. Some of the pictures (OK most) are out of a real camera (Nikon, D70s). The others are made up out of all things GIMP because I just found a website that has a bunch of new ‘brushes’ I’d never used before. 🙂

To see more click over to the photography page…here



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Happy Valentine’s Day…Winter is almost over.

I’ve been updating here and uploading new stuff since I have a couple of other interests I like sharing, like the pictures I take around the house and around the ‘hood. This put me in mind of what’s coming up, the days and months ahead. It’s Valentine’s Day. Winter is almost over.

I live on 6 acres so there’s always something going on, inside and out. And when spring finally gets here, well then, the place really gets hopping.  I like winter well enough (except for the massive heating bill that comes with it and OK, and the cold too – not crazy about the cold). I all but hibernate in the cold months, and don’t spend a lot of time outside if I can at all help it. Spring, however, is a different story. It’s my favorite season of all. The color of green is unlike anything you see the rest of the year. Life returns to the yard and this renewal of energy and being is something I like to watch and be part of each year. I don’t mind the work either, the cleaning of the yard of  tree trash that comes down each winter, raking out the flowerbeds, clearing out the old dead stuff so the new can feel the growing warmth of the sun.

So in the new photos I just uploaded I have a winter to spring motif going on. More to come soon, because well, winter is almost over.

I’ve added a few sample chapters from my next book in the Guardians series, Legend. There’s a bit of hope and renewal going on there as well.

If you’d like to check them out just scroll up to the top and click on the link to the Photography page or the Legend sample chapter page.

Enjoy the day!




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