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Life on the Space Station as a Space Zucchini

Don Pettit, a flight engineer on board the ISS, writes in his space log as a zucchini aboard the station. Here is a sample of what the zucchini have to deal with and see on a day to day basis:

We are starting to have shortages in some of our supplies. This is not unexpected; when you live on the frontier and are extracted from your normal terrestrial soil, it is expected that some items will be in short supply. But you cannot run to the store to buy things. We try to conserve and we try to notify the Big Gardener on Earth when supplies get low, but in spite of this, sometimes shortages happen. Currently we have a shortage of trash bags, disinfectant wipes, and shampoo. We have no more bags in which to put our compost. For us plants, we thrive on compost so this does not pose a problem for us, but for our animal crewmates, this is a big deal. In situations like this, you improvise. We have many spare suitcase-sized bags that protect the scientific equipment during shipment. We are now using those for storing our trash. Gardener said that when he uses the toilet, he can use one disinfectant wipe five times, thus, extending our supply until the next shipment. He keeps his hair pruned short so shampoo in not a factor. Such minor inconveniences are normal here. Gardener says shortages in these supplies are not critical (unless it is coffee.)

I have to agree about the coffee part, but unlike these folks,  I’m pretty sure I would NOT be able to handle some deprivations.

You can read all of Don’s entries at –



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A Flashing Success | Letters to Earth

I’m an unabashed space geek. I love NASA and all the really cool space stuff that NASA does. I dragged my family to Florida for 4 days – to watch Space Shuttle Discovery launch. Other than the birth of my two kids, the experience was the most awesome thing I have ever witnessed in my life. Jaw dropping incredible. Once we start shooting the big rockets back into space – and we will – go see it. Take a family vacation. Ride, drive, fly – however you can get there, do it.

The following isn’t a launch, but just a cool bit of what makes NASA so wonderful. When kids (and adults too) can talk to and interact with astronauts currently circling the globe, it creates a real-world interest in science and exploration of our planet and the amazing universe we live in.

So if you’ve ever wondered if the folks onboard the International Space Station can see us pointing a beam of light at them, here’s the answer.

Read on –

A Flashing Success | Letters to Earth.

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Out of this world photography…

And I thought I had a tough time getting it right. Check out how to take a picture traveling 288 miles per minute.

Space photography

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