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Myth, where truth and lies mingle among friends and enemies

I’m happy to announce the arrival of my second novel in the Guardians of the Word series – MYTH. Now available on Amazon and coming soon to Smashwords.

I’ve written before about the Indie journey, about not going it alone and how rewarding it is to be able to say I did it! Of course, I didn’t write the book without help. The idea for this book came quite a number of years ago when I was beginning to realize I hadn’t found the start of the story! I wrote the middle first, moved toward the end a few books later and arrived almost at the end when I realized, there were more stories to be told, necessary for the overall plot of the series on the front end.

I was sitting on the couch in my home in Montgomery, Alabama – talking to my now ex-husband about the story and about Maralt. Bad guys need their due, their moment in the sun, and so Myth was born to fill that necessity. I didn’t really want to go there, at first. I wasn’t interested in getting inside the mind of a truly evil person. After all this stuff has to come from inside my head, and I don’t consider myself an evil person. I’ve actually never met an evil person – bad yes, but not evil. A number of friends suggested I really dig into it, the things that make a good person fall into darkness. So with that advice in mind, I plunged right in, and the result is the birth of a conflicted soul who takes the hand of malice into his heart. That is Maralt. Myth is the story of how he got there.

Myth is also the continuing story of Dynan and Dain Telaerin, twin brothers who always get along and have never said or done a bad thing to each other. All it takes is one seemingly sweet Lady at Court to come between them.

Ok, that’s enough teasing, now for the link –

Myth on Amazon

Stay tuned. Book 3, Telepath, is in edits and well on its way to join the first 2 of the series on your bookshelf!


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Indie Author Blogs and interviews

At first, I wasn’t sure about getting involved with the Indie Writers Unite never ending blog tour. I wasn’t sure of the time commitment. I wasn’t sure about answering questions. Folks like Karen Fowler, of Quirky-Gurl Media make it easy as pie. She has a lovely website and you should go visit.

Interview with me! Quirky-Gurl

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Indie Writers Unite Blog tour

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Heather Adkins over on her blog. Please take a moment and visit here. Heather’s Blog

At the same time, Heather is running a very informative series about formatting your ebook for publication. It’s jammed with everything you need to know to get through formatting hell! Go here for the series. Smashwords Formatting for the Lazy












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