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When Paper Burns

When paper burns – GR Yeates remembers Ray Bradbury

and pretty much exactly sums up me, myself and I…

Ray Bradbury passed away today and it got me to thinking about Farenheit 451 – my favourite book from his substantial output over the years. Let me tell you why Farenheit 451 was important to me. It was important because it was a book about books and why they are so key to the foundation of a person’s individual identity. What you read, why you read, all those little quirks and eccentricities in your own tastes make you who you are. Just think what it would be like to lose all of that from your life – because without literature, it would be gone, no longer there, finito, history, kaput!

Frightening thought, isn’t it?

For more go here..When paper burns – GR Yeates remembers Ray Bradbury

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