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To Hope Eternal

The White Tree of Gondor

The White Tree of Gondor

The Lord of the Rings is a book about hope, among other things like good conquering evil. Aragorn’s elvish name is Estel, which means…hope. In the movie, the blossom on the White Tree of Gondor is a symbol of hope that help is on the way. The Horns of the Rohirrim sound at the moment of dawn, in the darkest hour, giving hope to the beleaguered city. There are a number of stories that include that same universal theme, like Star Wars, which was even re-titled A New Hope, after the prequel came out. Of course, the two happen to be a pair of my absolute favorite stories. Continue reading


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Writers of the Future Time Capsule…

In 1987 L. Ron Hubbard put together a kind of time capsule. He got some of his fellow authors to contribute. The likes of Orson Scott Card, Frederik Pohl, and Roger Zelazny put in their thoughts on what today would be like.

Some of them are prescient, but then that’s no surprise since these folks had to be smart and aware of the kind of technological advances that were on the cutting edge. They wrote about this stuff happening, after all.

Of course, some of their predictions are completely wrong. Some are so pessimistic it will make you wonder what happened to make them get that way. They are all interesting views from some well-respected writers. Here’s the link – Writers Time Capsule

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