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This is an excellent article on the state of publishing today. A must read for authors and informative to the reader. I remember those inexpensive pocket books. My attic is still full to the brim with them!


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David Gaughran – The Basics of Self-Publishing

If you haven’t read this fantastic self publishing primer and you’re thinking about stepping into the world of do it yourself publication – stop! Go no further until you’ve read this piece, and read all the associated articles with it. Once again, the author has put together an invaluable resource for Indie writers. Bookmark it. Download it for free as a PDF. Keep it handy to refer to. You’ll save time, money, and effort.




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Is Your Borders Bookstore Closed?

Or closing? Big sales signs hanging on the front windows?

Today’s announcement from Border’s that they are sticking to their sales timeline might mean more stores will be closing soon…or all of them. We’ll know in another week, by around July 20 whether or not they’re going to be able to sell to another company – if anyone wants them. The reason for the rush, according to a post from Publisher’s Weekly – Border’s could default on their credit agreement, stopping the possible sale and throw the company into the worst possible scenario – liquidation. I pity the authors who have their books stocked at Borders right now, since if they don’t sell, they won’t be getting them back until all this bankruptcy mess is sorted out.

It might be a good time to shop for great deals on books at your local Borders, and you’ll get the authors who wrote those books out of the Borders mess.

If Borders doesn’t survive at all, that’s going to leave one giant, Barns and Noble, along with a scattering of independent bookstores in my area. I was at BnN last week, not to buy books, but to update all the laptops on the free wifi, and increasingly the shelves in my favorite genre, science fiction & fantasy are poorly stocked. I wasn’t there to buy a book, but after looking over the selection, I didn’t want to.

On the other hand, my son came out with two YA books, both by John Green. My son LOVES this guy’s books, so when my kids like an author who gets them to read, well, I take note. Sometimes I read them for myself, just to see what my kids are reading these days and Mr. Green is available on kindle so that’s a bonus.

The point here is that I’m the money making adult and I’m not buying any adult fiction (or any other kind of book) at the bookstore, but my kids would bankrupt me if we went to BnN more often than once a week or so. They buy books all the time. It makes me wonder if the bookstores of the future won’t all be geared toward the kids – notice all the toys taking over bookshelf space at BnN next time you’re in one – and ereaders will be left to the adults.

Only tomorrow will tell.

For more information on what’s happening with Borders, visit this site:

Borders Defends Sales Timeline

And for more info on book sales and good stuff to read, go to David Gaughran’s blog at David Gaughran | Let’s Get Digital

And if your kids like John Green, you can take a look at his website here. He’s pretty funny. John Green — Author of Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska and An …


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