Aiden’s War is the next fantasy book series the author is currently writing. Aiden’s War is about Aiden Quell,  a decent young man, a good son, a brother to many and trying to find his way in the world, one that is fraught with peril because he has to go do something heroic – or just plain stupid, depending on your point of view. He is aces with a bow, and he loves a pretty girl he’d do anything for, which is the main thing that gets him into trouble. He and his companions will fight and win, and fight and lose, and learn how to run away when they have to, so that they may return to fight another day.  He will encounter great beauty and great danger. He will meet things that make him question everything he knows to be true, and somehow find a way to live with it when deep-seated beliefs turn his life on its head.

6 responses to “News!

  1. Bob

    I sure enjoyed the Guardians series. When I first read the first book I did not like it much, but accidentally bought the book again in a three book set, so gave it a second chance. I absolutely enjoyed the entire collection after the second attempt. The first book just was so horrific and depressing, and I did not understand the plot at first. I am so glad I pressed on.

  2. Robert Schrader

    Loved King, makes me want more!

    • Thanks Robert! I’m going to start writing a new book in just a few days, so more to come is a given – but what will the story be? Now that’s the question. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed King! Thank YOU for reading.

      • Can’t wait! The story should never end! It’s such a great world you’ve created! I hope and pray you are recognized as the next JK Rowling and they turn this epic into a series of movies or a tv series. Also, King blew my mind! You are truly one of the greatest authors of the last millennium. Don’t ever give up your dreams!

      • Thanks so much! The new story though is going to be a new series. Fantasy…and that’s all I know right now. I really appreciate your kind words about the Guardians series. I think it would be pretty cool too if a movie or tv series was ever done of it. That would be amazing! 🙂

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