Editing and Mentoring Services


I offer editing services at very reasonable rates. I’ve been proofreading for several years and have a fairly quick turn-around time. A typical 84K work takes me about a week to complete. I also offer, if desired, during the proofread to note any particular areas of your story that need more work, where sentences don’t make sense, if I find word repetition, or if I see any problems with the work that have been missed by copy editors or whatever editor you’ve chosen to use.

Many Indies skip the editing process. It costs a lot for a substantive edit or even a copy edit, well into the hundreds and often above! If you can’t afford a full, professional editor the one step you don’t want to skip is proofreading.

I also offer formatting services for digital and print versions. Turn around time varies by manuscript. I need to assess what shape the work is in prior to committing to a timeframe, but usually it takes about 2 weeks.

Lastly, I offer a very inexpensive mentoring program to help teach new authors how to do all the things involved in getting a book published. I’ve been published since 2011 and if you want a ‘go to’ person you can ask questions about the process, including help with uploading to various platforms, I can assist throughout the publishing process. If you want to learn how to format your own work, I can help you. If you have questions about working in MS Word, both Windows and Mac, I have over 15 years experience with both. I’m also a graphic artist (I design my own covers), I can assist you in that area as well.


Proofreading – $2 per 1000 words or a flat rate of $35 for works at or under 25K (if you’re a little over, I’m not going to quibble).

Formatting – depends on the length but usually $80 to $100. I do have to charge an extra $10 per conversion after 5 if errors not of my making are found in the work. (Yes, this happens all the time!)

Mentoring – $40 or $60 depending on if you’re using either of my other services.

Please contact me at joleaminnick@gmail.com about your project.