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Break’s Over

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year to one and all!

So … I’ve been otherwise occupied. Life and all that. But as we close out 2019 and head into a New Year, I’m getting busy.

Namely, I’m definitely writing again and because I’m writing again, and intend to publish more books, I’m looking to do things a little differently this go ’round. Everything is changing and it’s hard to keep up with it all (no matter what ‘it’ is), so this is a ‘back to basics’ attempt.

Why, what’s that? you may ask. Well, just this. Email. Ummm, huh?

Here’s the thing. I have all these different platforms: this website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest … the list is almost endless. (I might even have a MySpace page, but that’s been so long ago now and I don’t know if they even exist anymore). I almost forgot Goodreads. I have a page there too. As you can see, that’s a lot of social media. So much, in fact, that I end up with a major case of scatter-brain.

I’m simplifying. With email!

I’m starting a new email newsletter that you’ll get once or twice a month. If you to sign up, you’ll get this shiny new prequel short story to Chosen, Book 1 of The Broken Seal (formerly title Guardians of the Word). Take a look!




Seeing the future, the past, and the present isn’t enough to stop destiny.

Carryn Adaeryn and her brother, Maralt are orphans and telepaths. Young and eager, each has talents as unique as their personalities. Their skills are needed to secure the future. Their own and the two boys they are charged with protecting.

Except they can’t be seen. They can’t be heard. They can’t be discovered.

The Broken Seal: Prophecy is a short story prequel to the first book of the series, Chosen.


Also included is a little misadventure called The Pod Crash. 

Here’s the email sign up link (to Book Funnel – who will give you the book download once you’re confirmed): Book Funnel & email signup

For those of you who’ve read Chosen, I think you’ll enjoy the added backstory. For those you who haven’t started The Broken Seal series, this prequel gives a short taste of the whole. The series is a bit Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings. If Dark Fantasy is something you enjoy, this story is right up your alley. (There’s a sprinkling of sci-fi tech, along with a touch of paranormal, and well – a demon, so a wee bit of horror like a cherry on top of your ice cream sundae).

Anywho – please go sign up for my email list and get The Broken Seal: Prophecy. Also, please, please let me know if you have any difficulties. Setting all this stuff up so you get a book with a few clicks is right up against the limits of my mental capacity. I think it’s going to work, but if it doesn’t – give a yell right here.

PS: Some of you are signed up via this website to get an email when there’s a new post here. This is not that. You don’t have to unsub if you don’t want to, or you can if you like. One email subscription is enough in my book. I won’t be inundating your inbox in either case.

So simple!




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Of Mermaids and Magic

I had the recent pleasure of getting to know Fantasy author Jade M. Phillips, who has recently released her first book, MER, for Kindle and in paperback. And it has a stunning cover! Check it out and read the interview!


Jade, welcome to my little corner of the world! Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in the Arizona sun where I still reside. As long as I can remember I’ve always loved diving into a good book on hot summer days and coming up with stories of my own. But alongside my obsession with reading and writing books, I have also been an actress, a stunt woman (trained to fall off of tall buildings and do other scary things,) a dance teacher, bartender, the lead singer and back-up guitarist in a rock band, amongst a plethora of other fun and low-paying jobs. I now have my degree in interior design and own a small business. I love my friends and family dearly and enjoy spending time with them. I am well known for setting off the smoke detector in our house weekly by cooking/burning dinner. I also have two adorable children, an extremely wonderful husband, who is very supportive of my writing and chokes down his “dinner” without complaint, and a crazy cat named William Wallace Braveheart Fuzzy MacFarland the Third.

Do you have a preferred genre that you read? Is it the same as what you write?

I prefer to read fantasy. Any fantasy really, I love it all! And since this is the area of my expertise, that is what I write as well.

Are there any aspects of writing that you struggle with? What do you do about it?

The one area I think I might struggle in a bit is second-guessing myself and my writing. But I believe most authors do. You want to have the best possible characters, plot line and scenarios, so it is a constant back and forth on what fits the story perfectly. I just keep editing and editing until I feel confident that I have the best possible product.

Oh I know exactly what you mean and yes, I think most writers do question their own abilities. Probably a good thing though. So, the title of your book is MER. Tell me a little about it.

It’s my debut young adult fantasy novel, the first in a series. MER has an omnipresent feeling, an overall description of the characters, their powers, and their storybook world.

Where did the inspiration for your story come from?

This book has a secret. And I am going to give you some VIP information by telling you this… but if you couldn’t already tell by the title, its secret is Merpeople. The idea came from a couple different sources. First of all, my five-year-old daughter is obsessed with Mermaids, so I guess there is always a Mermaid floating around in the back of my brain. LOL!

Second, my husband and I were up late one night discussing the current trends in young adult fantasy books (my fav of course), and we were talking about Vampires and Werewolves, Zombies, and Faeries, when I was like, “Wait! What about Mermaids?” And thus: MER was born!

Maybe your daughter has picked the latest trend! What is the location of your story and why did you choose that place/time?

The location of my story is the fictional continent of Merenia and it also takes place in Mer Ocean. This is a fictional world but I based a lot of it on medieval Europe. It is one of my favorite places and time periods to read about. And what better place and time for my characters to have their storybook world?

Who is your favorite character and why?

Ooooh, that’s a hard one. I have so many that I love. I’d have to say Quin. She’s a feisty, tomboyish ten year old girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind; quite the contrary to the lady of nobility that she is expected to be. She cracks me up by always getting into trouble!

Did the story come out the way you envisioned it?

For the most part, but there were some definite twists and turns in it that I did not expect. That’s what I love most about writing. Even I, as the author, don’t know exactly what to expect. It’s very exciting!


That’s fantastic. I looks intriguing. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your new book! So folks, this is where you can get more info on MER and Jade M. Phillips:

Buy MER on Amazon

Jade’s blog

MER’s fan page.

MER’s book trailer is now released!

Follow Jade on twitter

Jade on Goodreads

Amazon author page

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Jillian Dodd, writing it forward

Not too long ago, author friend and acquaintance, Jillian Dodd reached out to a large group of fellow scribes to help promote their books and give their rankings a nice boost.

It’s hard out here in Indie land, writing, editing, publishing, marketing our own books. It’s a LOT of work, more than many would be willing to put up with, and frequently, the return is less than stellar. It’s difficult to know what promotions are going to work or come up with the money to pay for the big ad buy that will put a book on the best seller lists.

One thing I’ve discovered about most Indie authors is their willingness to help others succeed. They give of their time, their talent, their twitter feed and FB followers to help other writers pursue their dreams.

author-pic-3x4Jillian Dodd is one such author. She’s giving of her time and experience, willing to share what works and what doesn’t with other writers regardless of their level of success or whether she expects anything in return. On Dec. 21st, 99 authors were part of a promotion to sell 99 Ebooks for 99 cents. Jillian came up with the marketing plan, organized all those authors (a lot like herding cats), issued the necessary instructions and managed to pull it off. Amazon came onboard by advertising the group as the Kindle Daily Deal. The majority of those authors involved had their rankings soar. Jillian stayed up for two days to make sure the whole thing went as planned and it certainly did.

I opted to participate by posting to my blog about the sale, and today I’m doing the same thing to say thank you to one of the nicest Indie authors in the business. Jillian Dodd.393157_10151382742141303_1993283053_n

The following stories are categorized for young adults, but are being enjoyed by readers of all ages. They all get rave reviews and you should check them out for the memorable characters and a rip roaring rock and roll read.

Here are the Keatyn Chronicles, Book one, Stalk Me, and Book two, Kiss Me –

Links: Stalk Me

Links: Kiss Me

Links: Jillian Dodd website

Links: Jillian Dodd facebook

Links: Jilliand Dodd goodreads


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