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Poetry of music. A song from the heart

Mike Cooley returns to my humble abode and graces the pages of the interwebs with this:

I was halfway done with my first novel at the end of 2002. Then life kicked me square in the nuts. I was under so much stress and pressure at work and home that I had to put the novel aside and pick up my guitar.

I had been playing guitar for years–just jamming really… for fun. And I had played trumpet in high school, so I was familiar with music. But now I had to play for therapy. To distract myself from the world and release tension. To let it all melt away while the words I wrote were a lens into my soul. I decided that–instead of just jamming on my amp–I should start composing and recording my own music.

In 2004 I formed my first one-man band. I called it Divergent Future. I think I’ve written over 200 songs under that band name since then. Early in 2005 I started posting my music online at a place called I met so many amazing friends and musicians there who helped me along and encouraged me. Raw and inept as my music was–at first–it was also real, and true, and powerful. I didn’t pull any punches then. And I still don’t. I’ve gotten in trouble because of that, but that is just the way I am.

Over the years I’ve written many songs for my own bands. The Divergent Future tunes were a style I called Experimental Guitar Fusion. Along the way I collaborated with many other musicians on individual songs. My good friend Dace–who I met online–and I wrote three albums together before we ever met in real life (under the band name Damnation Allies). Today I still write music under the band names Skin Deep (Guitar Fusion) and Gotham Steel (Metal).

These days I spend more time working on my fiction and non-fiction books than I do recording music. I still play guitar. I’m learning to play drums. I still sing. I still bare my heart and bend strings like the devil is after me.

As I looked back at the words I wrote then, I felt I should take some of those words and release them as poetry. It was difficult finding all my scribbled notes, typing them in, and re-punctuation them so they would read well (the original punctuation was all about helping me sing the words along with the music).

As I read the words now, the music plays in my head and I smile. Sometimes tears come. And that’s alright. There is a lot of me in the words. There is a lot of truth. The words are about love and loss, hope and pain, anger and confusion. In many ways those songs were snapshots of my life. They won’t mean the same thing to anyone else. But if someone gets just a glimpse of what I felt by reading the words. If my emotions can transcend the page and affect them. That would make me very happy.

I will close with one of the poems that means so very much to me:

So, we meet again
here we are again
did we cheat the night,
travel through to light?

So, we breathe again
here we go again
in your eyes I see
all eternity.

Take, my hand again
show your smile again
how long did we sleep,
in the ocean deep?

So, we meet again
here we are again
did we steal the dawn,
can we carry on?

Look, out at the sea
waves crash on the beach,
how far can we reach,
death’s door did we breach.

See your silver face
shining in the blaze
of the amber sun
yes, my love, we won.

Here, you are again
let me touch your skin,
run my hands along
your curves, like a song.

So, we breathe again
here we are again
in your lips I see
all humanity.

Take my hand again
show your smile again
how long were we down
far beneath the sound?

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