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Banning Indie Books

While I don’t write erotic books or read them (usually – ahem) I will defend the right of others to write and read whatever they like. Censorship is not the answer, and to summarily wipe Indie Author books off these websites is just a load of crap. Fifty Shades of Grey. Game of Thrones et al, have plenty of erotic elements and yet they are not removed. I know a number of authors who write better than both these authors who’ve had their books yanked (no pun intended). It’s wrong. Kobo, Amazon and Barnes and Noble need to grow a pair and not cave to sensationalism and false claims. Please read this article and sign the petition. If this kind of indiscriminate behavior is not stopped, where then will it end?

Banning Indie Books.


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The Author Exploitation Business

Thought for the day: Money flows toward the author, not the publisher. Don’t forget it.

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Letting go and moving on

Letting go of people you love is difficult, um, er, that should say characters you love, yes, they’re not really people, right? No. Of course not.  Sheesh.

Only some days they certainly seem so. No really, the last 30 years of my life have been devoted – from 25% to 150% of the time – to a cast of characters I dreamed up and then wrote about in an epic story called Guardians of the Word.

And then I published those stories and discovered that other people felt the same way. They love these characters. They got into their heads, Became part of their lives, part of the story, invested time, money and energy into how they would turn out, which is of course, is something I can sympathies with completely. They love Dynan. They ADORE Dain. They like everyone else and care what sort of problems they could have, even off the page. Continue reading


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