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Banning Indie Books

While I don’t write erotic books or read them (usually – ahem) I will defend the right of others to write and read whatever they like. Censorship is not the answer, and to summarily wipe Indie Author books off these websites is just a load of crap. Fifty Shades of Grey. Game of Thrones et al, have plenty of erotic elements and yet they are not removed. I know a number of authors who write better than both these authors who’ve had their books yanked (no pun intended). It’s wrong. Kobo, Amazon and Barnes and Noble need to grow a pair and not cave to sensationalism and false claims. Please read this article and sign the petition. If this kind of indiscriminate behavior is not stopped, where then will it end?

Banning Indie Books.


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Bloomsbury Seeks Deal With Author Solutions

Author Beware! Indies! You don’t need companies like Author Solutions (or any other mega expensive scams) to publish your book. If you need help, start with David Gaughran’s book, Let’s Get Digital. It’s THE source to go to when you first get started on this amazing Indie path.

Bloomsbury Seeks Deal With Author Solutions.

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The Author Exploitation Business

Thought for the day: Money flows toward the author, not the publisher. Don’t forget it.

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