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Free Kindle Books and Tips

The folks over at Free Kindle Books and Tips are featuring Chosen today, Chosenwhich is the first book of the Guardians of the Word epic fantasy series, so here’s a shout out to them and the support they give authors of all stripes. It’s a fantastic service for readers who may want to check out a new writer. If you do use the service, please share, and as always, if you like a book you get for free, leave a review. That is the best way to give back to an author who is just starting out (and buying the next book in the series 😉 ).


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This is an excellent article on the state of publishing today. A must read for authors and informative to the reader. I remember those inexpensive pocket books. My attic is still full to the brim with them!


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The Wave of Publishing’s Future?

This is a unique idea.

Ever go to a bookstore looking for a specific book only to discover it’s unavailable? This happens to me on numerous occasions and has led me to shop less and less at the bookstore for what I want to read. Of course, I can order it either digitally or have them send me the book by mail. If I want a physical book badly enough I’ll wait for it, but really, in the words of Inigo Montoya, “I hate wait!”

And now, someone brilliant has come up with a way to speed things up. Read here about the way to have that book you want printed while you wait. Why not, I say? They sell espresso coffee, why not espresso books?

The Espresso Book Machine


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