There be Dragons there – Aiden’s War

I’ve put up a few new chapters of Aiden’s War. Check them out here: or just click the Aiden’s War tab up top. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!

Two races, mortal enemies, eons at war, readying for the last battle that will decide who survives, Elves or Fae. Everyone and every thing between them, stands on the brink of destruction.

Aiden Quell finds himself at the center of an ancient struggle for supremacy, pitted against an unknown enemy in a war he didn’t ask for that won’t wait for him to understand. When the woman he loves is taken from him, he leaves his cherished family to find her. His brash and impetuous sister has other ideas, and follows him. With Krysta, they encounter dangers thought only to exist in Legend, the kind that breathe fire and hunt at will. Nothing can destroy the ancient dragons, except magic that no longer exists. The truth of who he is and his terrible destiny grows clearer the closer to his enemies he gets, and begins a wrenching struggle within. Will he fight for love, or turn destroyer? Will he save the enemy’s only hope to win the war to the utter obliteration of their rivals, or will he be forced to kill the woman he loves?

Aiden’s War is the first book of the trilogy Roubrryth’s Curse.

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