The Heroes Among Us

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The headlines tell us every single day that the bad guys are winning. Innocent children are slaughtered. Bombs explode on a crowded street, turning a day of joy and happiness to one of fear and sorrow. We read, see and hear about terrible things happening, perpetrated by disturbed or just downright evil people.

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Heroes are all around us. Finding them isn’t so difficult, since with every act of evil comes acts of incredible heroism. I believe that willingness to step up when the situation is dire is more part of human nature than the bad things that people do. A little Google research shows that we are wired to be compassionate beings. I see this on the news when I watch a firefighter charging into someone’s home to save a cat, or battling a 5 alarm blaze that has swallowed a house.

Or while a man stands beneath a window where a mentally challenged child has strayed out onto a third story ledge and then catches her when she jumps.



Or a man on his knees beside a wounded and bleeding stranger, saving her life by acting and not standing by.

One of the themes of my series, Guardians of the Word, is persevering against acts of evil, and while the heroes I write about have fantastic powers to stop the bad guy, deep inside they are regular people willing to step up and take on the things that are wrong with the world.

I write about people who don’t stand by in the face of danger. One of the characters in my book, Chosen, the first book of the Guardians of the Word series, is the kind of man who takes action, helping a young stranger, even though that action puts him in the greatest danger of all – he could lose his soul. Polen Forb was an old warrior from a different time and he’s already dead. He swore an oath to protect his friends and paid for that oath with his life and his eternal soul. He’s caught in the Between with them, on the edge of Hell and won’t leave it because, even in death, he feels his oath binds him. He stays to continue protecting people he already died for, from the greater evils that survive in that realm. In the Between, there are creatures that if they touch you, can take your soul, so the danger he faces is tenfold of that in life. Here, eternity is at stake. That oath is his code. It’s the thing that guides his actions. His sense of duty is part of who he is. It’s a way of life. He battles through fear, and sets aside his own personal safety. He never gives up. He’s the firefighter who runs into the burning building…more than once.

I write fantasy, but the people in my stories are based, in many ways, on the real people who inhabit this earth, who yet outnumber those who would and do perpetrate evil against us. They are warriors. They are the people who put their lives at risk for others on a daily basis. They are also the man who donates his kidney to his brother. They are your neighbors, who volunteers to help at the local food pantry. Great and small. They are larger than life, yet they go about their heroic acts without glory, without notoriety, and they live right next door, or just down the street.

Do you know any heroes? I feel very privileged in my life to have met a few.

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16 responses to “The Heroes Among Us

  1. Ok Jolea,
    Here goes…lol. No one outside of my two sisters, my husband and one best gf have Ever seen my little scribbles. I would love to negotiate for a signed copy of Chosen in PB
    should you deem my heros worthy. …. you know I already have all your books:) can you even download two sets? …nervous chatter. …
    Denise and Deanne
    From where does my love come?
    Its all wrapped up in my sisters.
    Hearts that know no boundaries,
    hold no judgements,
    make no demands.
    I can be as free as I need to be.
    The very definition of love and comfort.

    Your my safe place,
    you two beautiful women.
    Mothers….Sisters. …Friends. …
    Lovers of a sort,
    so intimate we.
    You two touch my soul.
    You make me feel all purple and green.
    I can laugh at myself and mean it.
    I am not ashamed in your eyes.
    You make me ok.

    No matter how far away you might be,
    your always tucked away safe in my heart.
    Close by where I can get to you when I need to.
    Distance doesn’t really mean a thing.

    You should know,
    That my being able to love at all is a gift you
    gave to me…

    I love you doesnt seem enough.

  2. A great post, and Polen Forb sounds a fascinating hero. You’re right about everyday heroes. I remember reading a story a while back about a group of teenagers – the kind the media do their best to demonise – who went into a burning building to bring out an elderly couple they didn’t even know – and one went back in to rescue the cat.

  3. I agree with Peter. Thanks for taking the time to remind us of the positive in the world despite the negative.

  4. My dad was a volunteer firefighter for over 30 years, I was privileged to grow up knowing some real-life heroes 🙂

    I’ve never read your books, but Polen Forb sounds like the kind of character I would adore, and your covers are fabulous!

  5. Emily Mullaney

    I keep trying to sign up for your mailing list but I never get the email, and yes I added your address to my safe list. I tried in the past, when I first started reading your books, as well with the same results.

    • Hmmm. So you don’t get the initial email that you have to approve? I will check on this and see if I can find out what the what. Sorry for the hassle! Thanks for letting me know…In the mean time, you are entered into the contest! 🙂

      • Hey Emily, Here’s what Mailchimp says could be happening: the mail is being trapped by an over-aggressive spam filter that could be happening at the server or ISP level, so you actually never get the mail. If you have a different email address, try signing up with that. Some corporate email servers have firewalls which block some emails to reduce spam.

        If you can’t get in with another email address, send me a message to and I will add you manually to the list! You won’t get an opt-in email.You’ll just be on.

      • Emily Mullaney

        I’ll see what I can do with that. Thanks. =)

      • Cool, Emily. Let me know if you don’t get through.

  6. Jolea, this is a great article. The cover art on your books is also fantastic by the way. Best of luck in the blog hop!

  7. Beautiful post, Jolea. It is easy to think the villains outweigh the heroes, but we must remember that there are alway those who unflinchingly run towards danger, too. Great post.

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