A Computer Possessed

I’m in the middle of doing all this release stuff for King. Exciting times. The series is finished. All is well and good in the world. Woot! Right? Well no.

I’ve noticed a few reviews on Adept, Book 7, (on Amazon) where people have said they were confused by a section or a part of the story and had to go back and reread. This is mostly normal when you are dealing with a big story like this. Not everyone is going to get every single little detail. I didn’t really think anything of it. But, I started seeing this confusion mentioned more than once, and finally, I asked a reviewer who I know what was wrong, where was the confusion? I wanted to know to see if it was something I could easily fix. Sometimes, all it takes is a sentence or two.

This is when the floor dropped out. As soon as she told me what the problem was, I knew…I had uploaded a version of Adept that had been possessed by, well…by my telepathic characters. Hold on. This gets very weird.

As early as the 4th book, Legend, I have run into this very bizarre inexplicable issue where a section of the book is corrupted by, I don’t know what – a glitch, a ghost, the characters of the book trying to get out or something! Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

Marc jumped when he came back, rising from Marc’s side when he saw that Marc only held one orb in his hand. He expected there would be two and that his brother would be one of them. Marc’s anger, only barely contained, returned, this time driven by fear. “Where is he?”

“I’ve got him right here,” Marc said evenly. “I’m only going to be able to show you this once.” Marc didn’t allow Marc time to think, moving to him. He explained in rapid succession what had to be done, demonstrating how to reach inside the mind of a telepath and take his soul. “Don’t touch Marc. Don’t touch me. Just Marc. All you have to do is pull him out. I’ll get him back where he belongs after that. Don’t touch anything else, just your brother.”

As you can see, Marc has taken over. Here’s one where it was Dynan:

All his guards were there, talking to Dynan or Dynan, Dynan and Dynan, who stood with an arm draped around Dynan’s shoulders. Dynan was with him. Dynan and Dynan stood nearby laughing over something. There’d been a lot of that, laughter instead of tears. Tory Wills and Olan Jacar were there. Geneal was talking to Dynan and Bronwyn. Dynan was missing, along with Trevan, who was flying him to Dynan and back, and Dynan guessed that Dynan had gone with them.

There have been instances where it was Dain who took over. There have been instances where it was Maralt – that really creeped me out! And there was another where all the telepaths and ONLY the telepaths were changed to…I. Now, I use the find function in MS Word on a regular basis, but I use find and replace only sparingly. Mostly, I’ve found that doing a blanket replace on all ends up inserting errors into the book. With this situation, I would have had to find and replace no less than 10 characters in the Dynan possession. TEN! I did not run a find and replace on ten different people!

Unfortunately for me there are a lot of telepaths in these books. Fortunately, I never get rid of old versions, so I was able to go back and find the passage as it should read, cut and paste it into the doc. But still! How does this even happen? I’ve not yet found an adequate explanation that covers the very targeted replacement of characters with JUST the telepaths in this story. It is beyond weird.

I never know when these gremlins are going to attack. Previously, I’ve been able to find them before the books went out into the world, but my luck’s run out there (I guess I have no Irish luck, since I found this out on St. Patrick’s Day!).

Chapter 21 in Adept has been possessed, as you can see above where it’s all Marc all the time. No wonder people were confused!

Here’s what I’m doing to fix this problem. A new version has already been uploaded. Amazon has been notified and they will either send you an email letting you know you can update your version, or they won’t email you but still allow you to update through your manage your kindle area of your account. In the meantime, while we wait for Amazon to sort it out, I’ve posted the corrected version of Chapter 21 right here. If Amazon doesn’t act fast enough, I’ll put a copy up on Smashwords, and post the coupon code here for you to get a new, clean copy. Amazon should let me know in the next day or two what actions they will take. Here’s the correct version of Adept, Chapter 21:


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4 responses to “A Computer Possessed

  1. I have come to the conclusion that your computer is EVIL. Pure undisputed EVIL. How else could you explain what’s happened…

  2. Jamie Holt

    That’s actually very interesting. I can see where that would spark your imagination for a new story:). I need to go back to my copy to see if it was corrupted. I think it was. I seem to remember having to reread a section a few times to try to clarify….lol:)

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