No one is safe…Seer, The Sixth Chronicle

A hole in the fabric of time opens. All the long years of struggle are in peril. No one is safe.

It is the Seer’s vision and her visions are never wrong. Only Carryn Adaeryn can stop it from coming true. It is her brother, mocking her, telling her she will fail at every turn. And she is terrified Maralt is right. Every tenet she holds close will be tested. Every truth is bent. The souls of the lost and the living can survive only if she doesn’t fail.

It isn’t so easy to kill a telepath. Or contain him.

Seer is the Sixth Chronicle of the Guardians of the Word, an Epic Science Fiction Fantasy that is suitable for mature young adults. The Chronicles are Chosen, Myth, Telepath, Legend, Union, Seer, Adept, and King. The last two Chronicles will be released on an approximate 3-month interval.

Seer with be released any day now on and Stay tuned!



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4 responses to “No one is safe…Seer, The Sixth Chronicle

  1. Can’t wait! also I love the image on the side there under “The Series.”

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