Book Titles and Artistic Integrity

Why I’m changing my next book title…

The short answer is, I can’t say, because doing so would lead to massive spoilers, not just in the next book, which is now titled Seer, but the one after that, Adept. Yes, I’m swapping these titles one for the other. Book 6 is now Seer and Book 7 is now Adept.

Let me sum up –

Years and years and years ago when I first wrote this series I gave the books titles to go along with what I felt accurately encapsulated each story. Picking titles is an art form in itself, but these two titles fit the way I wanted them to fit…right up until they didn’t.

In the editing process, revisions happen. The story gets jiggled around, a scene taken out here, another put in over there, rinse, repeat. In that process for Book 6, I began to see that the title, Adept, wasn’t working the way it used to. It wasn’t perfect for the story. It changed to being just OK.

Just OK doesn’t suit me.

On top of that, I realized that the title was better suited for the storyline of Book 7.

The downside is that readers have been looking for Adept as Book 6 in the Guardians of the Word series, since that’s what I said it would be titled pretty much from the very beginning. The last thing a writer wants to do is confuse their readers. Then there’s all the graphics that have to be changed, including those posted on this website. You might think that all the trouble might not be worth it, but again, ‘just ok doesn’t suit me.’ Weighing those issues, with the help of some excellent beta readers and a number of other writers I know, all led to this thought.

-Do what is right for the story, for the book, for the series and you can’t go wrong-

So, with that in mind, I’ve swapped the titles. Once you’ve read both books Seer and Adept, I think you’ll see why I changed them around…

…and that’s all I can say about that.

Seer will be released for your reading enjoyment…soon.


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8 responses to “Book Titles and Artistic Integrity

  1. john w.

    When will we have seer!?

    • Hi John! Seer is available right now! Just click on the cover picture on the left side of this webpage and it should take you to Amazon. If you are on a Nook it’s going to be another couple of weeks before it’s out on Barnes and Noble. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. john w.

    Just please hurry!!!!! So not nice to keep us waiting.

  3. The funny thing is, I actually changed it many months ago, and then in the process of getting the first books published, I forgot that I changed it and for some reason, changed it back! Oi! I’m really glad I caught it before the book is published though, since that would not have been a good thing. I re-read the entire series and that’s when I realized I needed to make sure the titles were right. Such is the life, right?

  4. I can sort of understand this problem though thankfully for me the process of changing the title isn’t as complex as it is for you.

    My WIP had a title that I was very happy with from the first word of the prologue right up until about 1/4 of the way through the second draft then it changed from “perfect.” to “maybe okay.” until it finally became “completely wrong.”

    But on the flip side the old title will do very nicely for another related project so it isn’t a complete waste.

  5. Rebecca

    Can’t wait for Seer!!!!

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