Union, Book #5 in the Guardians of the Word Epic Fantasy is available!

I’m happy, thrilled and a little exhausted to announce that UNION is now available from Amazon! Guardians of the Word – Union

There are no holes in space. None to hide in. None where it’s safe.

Life onboard a space ship pursued through the void is precarious at best, where the difference between living and dying is measured one instant to the next.

On the run, Dynan Telaerin’s responsibilities increase to the breaking point while he’s the only one capable of flying the ship and making one repair after the other to his almost crippled craft, at the same time as trying to be a husband to his new wife, Loren. Bringing her and Marc Talryn into the terrifying danger that is Dynan’s life, hardens his resolve to protect them at all cost.

Making it back to the fold of the Brittallia System doesn’t guarantee safety, as betrayals abound where he least expects it. They come from people he has trusted nearly the whole of his life. That life of peace, held for a brief moment in time, is abruptly shattered. Loren is taken from him in an attempt to forestall a terrible vision of death.

The specter of evil haunts every thought and guides every action in the attempt to find her and keep her safe. The man who would take her and make the vision a reality is stalking him…

…driving him ever onward, leading him to the envisioned slaughter. Maralt Adaeryn sees the cruel end of an ancient prophecy and he holds a dreadful secret. There are some things worse than death.

Union is the 5th book of the Guardians of the Word series, is suitable for mature young adults. Chosen, Myth, Telepath, and Legend are available on Amazon.com. The last three books of the series – Adept, Seer and King will be released on an approximate 3-month schedule.


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12 responses to “Union, Book #5 in the Guardians of the Word Epic Fantasy is available!

  1. jewahe

    Love the series…now anxiously awaiting Adept!

  2. This is the one I want to read next! (Am I in it and did I get another promotion?) XO

  3. Got my copy 🙂 I’m still reading the last one. My business exploded in June and July and it got shelved 😦 So excited for you!

  4. Great news heading over to AMAZON now. Congratulations on yet another release, can’t wait to see how UNION has improved since I last read it and I anxiously await ADEPT, SEER and KING.

  5. Reblogged this on MattJDrumm's Blog and commented:
    Book 5 in the wonderful Guardians Of The Word – Head over to AMAZON and grab your copy today, you will not be disappointed.

  6. sleep??? I’ma be up all night reading !!! thank you …

  7. Thanks! Hope you enjoy! Sleep is over-rated! 😉

  8. Pam

    Thanks Jolea –
    We are all doing the “Download Happy Dance” – now you get some well deserved rest! 🙂

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