The Wave of Publishing’s Future?

This is a unique idea.

Ever go to a bookstore looking for a specific book only to discover it’s unavailable? This happens to me on numerous occasions and has led me to shop less and less at the bookstore for what I want to read. Of course, I can order it either digitally or have them send me the book by mail. If I want a physical book badly enough I’ll wait for it, but really, in the words of Inigo Montoya, “I hate wait!”

And now, someone brilliant has come up with a way to speed things up. Read here about the way to have that book you want printed while you wait. Why not, I say? They sell espresso coffee, why not espresso books?

The Espresso Book Machine


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2 responses to “The Wave of Publishing’s Future?

  1. I looked into those a few years ago when I was considering opening a small used bookstore. I thought having the machine would be a cool alternative for a small space. ‘Spensive, though! Glad they’re still in business! Haven’t seen one in action yet.

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