I like too many things

I love writing, so that’s what I do when I’m not trying to keep the lights on or pay the mortgage.

I’ve written 8 books and will write many more in the years to come. It’s been something of an obsession since I was in high school.

I also like to draw. I like to paint.

I like to putts around in the garden in the summer time. I like to make little pottery pots and went out a few years ago, bought a wheel and took lessons.

That pottery wheel is now in my garage gathering some dust, but one day I’ll get it back out and spin up a few more wobbly jars.

I like to research the history of my house, and found out about a young soldier from Alabama who died here, cared for by a doctor who was also from Alabama and lived in this house during the war. Without knowing any of the history, I left home at the age of 18 and went to…the University of Alabama. A dozen years later, after coming home from school, I left again, this time for…Montgomery, Alabama where my two children were born. The peace I feel here comes from this connection to the past. I like the connections we make present to past. The old things speak to me.

I like to read, but have almost no time to manage it, which of course as a writer is bad. Reading makes us better at the art. My problem – I pick up a book, find inspiration, and go write. There are stacks of unfinished books in every corner and I have a LOT of corners!

I like to watch my kids grow and learn and change, although sometimes it’s a huge challenge to sit back and let them go about their way even when I know that way is a wrong turn. They have to learn about those wrong turns themselves. It is hard to watch, some days, but when  they come through the rough patch with a better understanding of what life is all about, makes it worthwhile. I think of Dr. Seuss, and hope the places they go don’t have too many bumps or bruises or wrong turns.

I like to watch the birds at the feeder outside my kitchen window when I’m doing the dishes, the little birds darting in and then out again.

The cardinals swooping in to chase them off. Followed by the jays. It’s that time of year now when all the colors come flying in, blue, yellow, orange and red. A rainbow landing in my world.

I like to sit and think of all the things I’ve done and the road I’ve yet to travel and the places I’d like to go. I dream, always I dream of seeing the world.

I think my imagination will go straight into overdrive, frying circuits along the way. Blazing new trails to new heights of discovery.

Enjoy the ride. See the world around you. Soak it in. Find too many things to like.


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6 responses to “I like too many things

  1. I like that you keep writing such wonderful books

  2. Hi, Jolea. Thanks for sharing that bit of encouragement. It was refreshing and a good word to take with me as I prepare for the upcoming routine that is the busy work-week.
    We have two bird feeders in our back yard and enjoy taking care of the birds, whether it be with bird seed or with the large trees back there that they have been using to build their nests in. Of course my indoor cat doesn’t appreciate the tease! 😉


    • My cats sit underneath the bird feeder whenever the opportunity presents itself. So far, they’ve not caught one bird. The birds make such a ruckus when the cats are out, too, that all the birds in the neighborhood get the message – beware the cat!

  3. There’s no harm in liking many things in fact I think some people’s problems stem from the fact that they don’t like/enjoy enough things.

    It does sound like you do struggle sometimes to balance all those things so you can enjoy all of them but I think you’re doing pretty well as for the “abandoned” pottery wheel don’t we all have things like that stacked up in various rooms of the house?

    FYI: I like the last photo of the lake – Is that you or just a random image you got off the net?

    • Thanks Matt! That picture of the lake is beautiful, isn’t it? It is a ‘random’ image I found since I don’t have any lakes around my place that have mountains like that. I wish.

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