Legend Update and an Interview

Just want to pop in and say the editing process is nearly complete, and while I missed my May deadline to publish, I’ve set June 5th as my new live date…so not in the too distant future, Legend will be available on Amazon!

In the midst of all the i dotting and t crossing, I did an interview with Marsha A. Moore, a fellow Fantasy scribe. You can read all about it right here –

Interviewing Guardians of the Word author Jolea M. Harrison


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3 responses to “Legend Update and an Interview

  1. Jennifer

    *pout* I am sick with pneumonia and running out of things to read!!!

    • Oh man! That stinks! I had pneumonia once many, many moons ago. Don’t wish that on anyone! I hope you feel better soon! Legend can be the book you read right AFTER you’re all healthy again. 🙂

  2. Standing by for a June 5 purchase. And as I said on FB that is one great interview.

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