Don’t Be Fooled: Big Publishing Hates Competition

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David Gaughran

The reaction to the filing of the DoJ’s antitrust suit was laughable, if somewhat predictable.

Among other things, the DoJ has been accused of working for Amazon – helping them to “destroy the publishing industry.”

If you want to sample the mindset I’m referring to, simply visit the comments of any article on the matter in the trade press – such as this or this (although this vocal group are strangely absent from articles such as this one describing publishers’ (alleged!) attempts to cover up their actions by deleting emails).

I’m not sure when “the publishing industry” become exclusively synonymous with the largest publishers. I’m not sure when their narrow interests became everyone’s interests, because what’s good for Penguin isn’t necessarily good for writers, small presses, or indie bookstores.

The publishers named in the suit claim that Agency was/is necessary for competition. In Penguin’s statement released after the antitrust suit…

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