Publishing anti-trust lawsuit gets the twice over

I think the only question I have that isn’t answered in this fine post by Author David Gaughran is where were the lawyers to tell these companies that what they were doing is illegal? And I have to wonder how many of those lawyers are still working. I also don’t get at all why these other companies aren’t going to settle. It’s going to cost them millions, probably coming at a time when they can least afford to spend millions and then lose!

Anyway, for information on how all of this antitrust lawsuit business is going to shake down, go here –

How the Agency Model Led to An Antitrust Suit

It’s an excellent article, full of information all Indie and Trad published writers are going to want to know about.



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4 responses to “Publishing anti-trust lawsuit gets the twice over

  1. I have to be honest some of that article had me lost but I like the final sentence “ebooks are about to get cheaper” that has been my biggest hurdle in purchasing non indie ebooks they’re just too expensive most of the time.

    The whole conspiracy sounds like a bad spy movie to me as well and I’m starting to think maybe all the anti-appleness I’ve heard over the years actually has some merit…

    One thing I didn’t understand though was the implications for us inside authors, Apple and the big 6 may be forced to lower the prices etc. but how does that impact us?

  2. davidgaughran

    Hey Jolea. Thanks for the mention. I think it’s quite telling that when the CEOs of the various publishing companies (allegedly!) met secretly in the private dining rooms of upscale Manhattan restaurants to plot the downfall of Amazon there were no lawyers present.

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