A Flashing Success | Letters to Earth

I’m an unabashed space geek. I love NASA and all the really cool space stuff that NASA does. I dragged my family to Florida for 4 days – to watch Space Shuttle Discovery launch. Other than the birth of my two kids, the experience was the most awesome thing I have ever witnessed in my life. Jaw dropping incredible. Once we start shooting the big rockets back into space – and we will – go see it. Take a family vacation. Ride, drive, fly – however you can get there, do it.

The following isn’t a launch, but just a cool bit of what makes NASA so wonderful. When kids (and adults too) can talk to and interact with astronauts currently circling the globe, it creates a real-world interest in science and exploration of our planet and the amazing universe we live in.

So if you’ve ever wondered if the folks onboard the International Space Station can see us pointing a beam of light at them, here’s the answer.

Read on –

A Flashing Success | Letters to Earth.

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