Photography and playing with Gimp

I downloaded the free version of Photoshop last summer and have been learning (at a sloooow rate of speed) how to use it. Some of the pictures (OK most) are out of a real camera (Nikon, D70s). The others are made up out of all things GIMP because I just found a website that has a bunch of new ‘brushes’ I’d never used before. 🙂

To see more click over to the photography page…here


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4 responses to “Photography and playing with Gimp

  1. has the ones I just picked up -from the drawings category; the water brushes. And I picked up a fabric brush, but can’t remember the category. Another great way to find new brushes is to google gimp brushes. They are all over the place. My favorites so far are the smoke and lightening ones. I think the only way to learn this stuff is to mess around with it when you aren’t worried about creating something, like a book cover. It doesn’t matter if it comes out bad and could come out really nicely.

  2. Very nice! I use GIMP as well, but not at all as well as this. I guess I’ll need to carve out some time to really dig in. Nice work!

    • Thanks! Gimp is hard to figure out for me. But pretty much anything you want to know about it, someone has written an easy explanation for it. So if you get stuck – go to google!

    • vickietaylor

      I’m learning GIMP (slowly), but so far all I’ve tried are simple line drawing graphics and such. What is the site where you found the cool brushes?

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