A story for the Holidays

Benny and the Bank Robber 2: Doctor Dad is a Children’s/YA Historical adventures, second in a series. It includes a Christmas ending about the cost of trying to convince family and friends that Jesus came to Earth with nothing to be the Prince of Peace.

The following is a brief excerpt from the book:

That night Benny took one more look through his footlocker. Suddenly he noticed a slip of paper tucked into his winter boots. He pulled it out and opened it.

“The box is the key. Use it to unlock the door to the cat.” At the end was a symbol Benny recognized as the Greek letter Omega. Jason and Joseph were both in the room when Benny found the note. Joseph watched every move Benny made when he found the note, though he tried clumsily not to show it. Jason read the note over Benny’s shoulder. Like lightning, Jason leaped across the room and slammed Joseph down on the floor. He grabbed his throat and Joseph squawked. He was a much bigger boy than Jason, but he was not at all strong and could not get the furious boy off of him.

“You’re the one who stole it!” Jason snarled. “I knew it all the time. We want it back right now!”

“Make him get off of me, or you’ll be sorry!” Joseph squealed to Benny.

“Let him up, Jason,” Benny ordered. “Joseph, I guess you don’t want to be expelled, do you? I just want my cougar skin back. I don’t want any trouble.”

“You can’t prove I had anything to do with that note or your — cougar skin,” Joseph said with an oath. “That’s not my writing. One of the searchers could have put that in there. But the truth is, I don’t have the blasted thing. I don’t even know for sure where it is. You’re just going to have to do what they say, or you’ll start getting the pretty kitty back a piece a day. That I can tell you. You can tell me now what’s in the box. Then they’ll let you know what they want next.”

Link to the rest here:


For more information about the Author: http://elkjerkyforthesoul.wordpress.com


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11 responses to “A story for the Holidays

  1. I’m always looking for a good story for the holidays. I need to check this one out. Happy Holidays.

    Pamela Jo

  2. booksaver

    Thank you so much for your participation in this blog hop. I hope you have a very joyous and safe holiday season.

    Linda Henderson
    seriousreader at live dot com

  3. Heather Cox

    thanks for participating in the Holiday Blog Hop! i love meeting new authors this way and this book is defnitely going to be residing in my kindle fire soon!!

  4. Rae M.

    I suppose I’m a little late as well. It’s just that stuff to do keeps piling up because somehow Christmas managed to sneak up on me! I mean I know logically, there were 364 days before it. But still there’s so little time left.

    I hope everyone makes the most of their holiday!

    Thanks for the contest and for providing some snow here, unlike where I am right now!

    • We have no snow either. 😦 Winter has been mild so far. Wonder what the new year will bring though. Could be a huge pile of the white stuff. Not ready for it! Happy Holidays to you! Thanks for participating in the Holiday Hop!

  5. zanza

    wow i’m late in entering the blog hop o well well i hope everyone has a wonderful White Christmas!!!

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  7. elkjerkyforthesoul

    Thank you so much, Jolea! Merry Christmas and happy blogging!

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