Wanna be scared?

Last week I was supposed to do an interview with G. R. Yeates, author of The Eyes of the Dead and the up coming Shapes in the Mist, but…he got robbed…yes, thieved, burgled, ripped off – so besides sending bad karma vibes to the thieving scoundrel(s), I thought to counter the bad crap with some unsolicited promo for Greg while he’s busy putting stuff back together and working on releasing his next book. Here we go.

 Let’s get terrified!

First up, you can find his book on Amazon, where it is getting a lot of great reviews; like this one from Ann – “ Reading it is like getting to see inside of someone else’s nightmare. A must read for any horror enthusiast!” and this one from Kate “This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.” and this one from Kacey – “Next time I wont read it before bed. My dreams were all messed up that night. It’s a good read and you wont be disappointed.”

Eyes of the Dead on Amazon.com

Looks pretty scary!

Also, you can connect with Greg on Facebook here – G. R. Yeates on FB and keep up with when he’s releasing his next book, Shapes in the Mist.

You won’t want to miss it –

Go check out G. R. Yeates! You’ll be scared witless! And while you’re at it, wish him well. Getting robbed stinks! Good luck, Greg!

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One response to “Wanna be scared?

  1. Renee Pawlish

    I’ll have to check out his books. Sorry for the bad run of luck.

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