Behind the Words of Mike Cooley

Mike Cooley is here to help me get caught up with my blog postings. Mike is the author of Skin of Giants. He writes about how this story came to be.

Behind The Words: Skin Of Giants 

The title story in my science fiction collection Skin Of Giants has an interesting history. It all began back in 2003 when I attended a SF&F convention called WisCon, in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s a rather famous feminist convention where they hand out the Tiptree award (James Tiptree Jr. is my favorite female writer).

Well, that convention was literally packed with writers, both famous and up-and-coming. There was so much energy there and enthusiasm and the vibe was just damn powerful. By the time I left I was completely charged up. On the four hour drive back to Minnesota, the basic idea for Skin Of Giants came to me. By the time I got home I had the whole story in my head. Which really amazed me.

It didn’t take me long to write the first draft. It was just a flurry of words. And a few drafts later it was done. I still smile when I read it. It’s about power. The power of words. The power of love. The power of imagination. And an alien digs up Phillip K. Dick. What could be more appropriate?

From the man who can’t get a strange buzzing noise out of his head, to one who can’t stop himself from killing, to the robot who wants to save his creator, Skin of Giants is full of strange and otherworldly stories. Stories of a girl that wants off the grid, and of an experiment gone horribly wrong. Stories about machines and men. Stories about love, loss, pain, joy, freedom, and forgiveness.

This collection of science fiction short stories is sure to make you feel, and think, and wonder.

Skin of Giants is available at these fine retail outlets:



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