Smart phones as e-reader

The amazing, prescient David Gaughran just put up a fantastic post on his blog about the use of smart phones, your iphone, your android, your whateverbrandyouown phone to read a book on.
(copy and paste – link-ability is still busted)

It’s an interesting idea that authors, independent or otherwise, don’t market to the smartphone user. The Big Six publishers don’t as far as I know. I’m already trying to think of ways to make people think of their phones as an e-reader. Maybe just talking about it will cause a few to run to amazon and download the free app. And of course then you’ll download my new book, Chosen, which looks great on a phone!

David brings up some interesting issues about the size of the screen on a phone, but several folks responded that they love reading on their phones. I’m not a huge fan, but maybe I haven’t give it a fair shake. I think I like my Kindle better, but more because it has the size and feel of a book. I even have a cover on my Kindle that I flip open when I’m using it. My phone is much smaller, but easier to hold. Lighter too. It’s very easy to adjust the text size too, just like on a Kindle.

I’ve made the transition to buying books only in electronic form. My next habit will be to make certain I download it to my phone too. I usually put the e-books I buy on my computer, my Kindle and my iPad. I don’t know why I’ve left my phone off that list, but I won’t any more.

Do you have a smartphone? Would you use it to read a book? Why not give it a try?

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