Chosen meets Kindle

Today, after much nail-bitting and near constant refreshing of my author bookshelf yesterday, my epic fantasy Chosen has finally gone ‘live’ on I love smashwords. They are going to be the gateway to other formats like ibook for ipad, the nook and others, but Amazon is the largest online retailer (in the world?) and if you’d told me a year ago that my book would be available there, I would not have believed it.

A little about the book:

In Chosen, we are transported to a world on the cusp of destruction, caught in a thousand year cycle of ever repeating time, trapped between the warring Gods and the demon, Belial, with one young hero chosen to save not just the world, but the Gods themselves.

The epic fantasy begins when Dynan Telaerin falls into the ruins of an ancient city, and a talisman of evil power lands at his feet. Unaware that it’s all by design, he takes the bait and sets in motion a fate worse than death.

Destiny puts him on a corpse-strewn hillside in the demon’s realm, uncertain if he’s dead or alive, charged with saving the soul of his ancestor, the most powerful telepath to ever exist. If he fails, the ensuing imbalance will change the fabric of time and imperil everything he knows and loves. When his own brother becomes ensnared in the trap, Dynan’s choices unravel before him, leaving him one last thing to give that might save his brother and everyone he loves – his eternal soul.

The running starts, and doesn’t stop to the end of this action packed adventure of a young man coming to terms with his life while he’s barely a spirit, through horrors he thought existed only in dreams.

Chosen is the first book of a 7 book series, entitled The Guardians of the Word.

It’s a feeling beyond description seeing it on the big screen, so to speak.

Have a great weekend all. There’s going to be fireworks in mine. Happy Independence Day!

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