Learning as we go

The thing about publishing independently, i.e., self-publishing, that scares many people is the learning curve. Blog after blog states you have to have a blog to advertise and promote your book, so you have to learn how to make a blog, what to write in a blog, how to format a blog, how to attract readers to your blog and the list goes on.

Forget about just writing a book being hard enough.

Writers though are an intrepid bunch. Honestly, if you can write a book, there is not much else you aren’t capable of figuring out. It may take a few goes at it, just like the words on the page can take quite a while to get right, but learning is what writers do. We learn how far it is from the earth to the moon. We learn about string theory as best we can. We learn what goes into a good story.

Learning isn’t an especially scary ordeal for me and probably not for most. So I’m learning how to write a blog, and this is my first go at it.


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2 responses to “Learning as we go

  1. Catana

    There’s quite a large community of writers here on WP. Be sure to use the tag surfer. By inputting tags for subjects you’re interested in, you’ll have access to a lot of daily reading. My own tags are “indie publishing,” “self-publishing,” “writing fiction,” and “Smashwords.” You might want to try genre tags if that’s something you’re interested in.

    Joining in the conversations in comments is a good way to be known and get to know others. Welcome and good luck.

  2. GD

    I dream of being published one day too. Congratulations on this first step, and feel free to visit my writing blog at http://shelleddreams.wordpress.com/

    Best of luck with learning how everything works.

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